MD Recoveries

Our teams of subject-matter experts, are specialized and cross-trained in all facets of healthcare revenue cycle management.

MDrecoveries’ service suite can manage all or a select portion of your active receivables, including: commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, workers compensation, auto, third-party liability and self-pay. Our professionals are committed to ensuring account resolution is attained utilizing best practice performance metrics. We place an emphasis on meeting Federal Medicare and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

MDrecoveries is dedicated to helping healthcare providers across America better manage air medical and ground ambulance claims to insure a healthy top and bottom line. Our work is grounded in expertise, accountability and measurement. Our goal is to help every healthcare provider become more profitable so they can save more lives and improve the quality of life for many more.

Our Extended Business Office (EBO) services include:

EBO Complete: Receivable management from start to finish

  • EBO Internal: (We use your technology)
  • EBO External: (We use our technology)

EBO Select: Focusing on Underpayments

  • A/R follow-up by age, specific insurer, or dollar amount
  • System conversion “safety net”
  • Legacy receivables
  • Temporary project-based
  • Managing denials
  • Consulting

You already use a collection agency.  Let our experts review each account prior to sending the account to collections.  Risk Free!

Contact us to inquire about our no-risk assessment.