MD Recoveries

We help transform healthcare organizations from a culture of scarcity to a culture of surplus.

This is our mission and the standard we measure ourselves against. Being experts in this industry since 1991 provides the context behind that insight. It provides the experience needed to build our trademarked approach to revenue recovery, allowing you to more easily and effectively save lives and provide better quality of life for everyone you care for.

This helps healthcare providers more effectively and efficiently recover claims revenue—all by using the software, technology and systems you already possess. It also compels us to search for, and hire, professionals with high-level, specialized skill sets, an undeniably strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence in everything they do.

Because we understand what is at stake—the livelihood of your business—we drive excellence by providing the highest level of education and training to ensure every MDrecoveries professional is qualified to analyze, interpret and react appropriately to your knowledge-processing situation. Our passionate employees are motivated by one thing: your success.


Michael Walterscheid, CPA & MBA

CEO/President: Michael Walterscheid, CPA & MBAMike is the founder of MDrecoveries, Inc., and is responsible for its strategic planning, growth, and development. He brings more than 34 years of executive management and financial experience, 21 of those in the air medical industry.

Mike led the growth in continuous patient revenue and recovery, directly influencing 100% growth in patient revenue per transport in less than five years. Mike’s strengths lie in solving problems and improving operations to include financial, management, and accounting skills. Mike is a CPA and earned his B.S. degree in Accounting and MBA, both from the University of Utah.

Chief Operating Officer

Debra Campos

Debra Campos, Chief Operating OfficerDebra is in charge of the strategic business development, execution and perfection of operations including the development, implementation and management of the external and internal customer. She brings more than 34 years of combined executive management experience, third-party billing, business start-up, A/R management, payer contracting, compliance and consulting for revenue cycle management.

Debra’s knowledge and expertise includes the development of third-party liability lien management, and qualification programs. Her leadership skills are directly linked to the successful start-up, growth and tangible results in resuscitating, generating and strategically growing revenue streams for hospitals, EMS providers and physicians.